Nuesa cypher 2019 ~ Hadegold Media
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Nuesa cypher 2019

Nuesa cypher 2019

Nuesa cypher 2019

Nuesa cypher 20194 brilliant rappers from Lagos state University took on a mic to display their unrivaled talents on a Cypher.

The Cypher featured: King Sello, General Ruudy, Da Cris, and Twist Berry.

The Cypher was skillfully initiated with King Sello starting the intro with a 2pac kinda flow as well as an electrifying first Verse…

The second rapper on the Cypher General Ruudy displayed exceptional skills with the delivery of flawless punchlines that would have u thinking deep.

Da Cris came in with a classic Yoruba flow and murdered the mic with classical idioms and adages that would sweep you off your feet !

Twist Berry did not let the boys out do her as she sealed off the cypher with Lyrcial bullets n fine word play. She’s seemed very confident on the mic and her delivery was flawless !

Tap on the link to download !