Politics: Honorable Barrister Femi Kehinde Vision for Osun State

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Honorable Barrister Femi Kehinde Vision for Osun State

Honorable Barrister Femi Kehinde Vision for Osun StateOsun State undergoing little challenges with their present Governor, such as half salary payment for the government officials, Educational systems turning down; equipping students with fewer facilities and many more problems.

Honorable Femi Kehinde, a barrister and a solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, he was among the members of the House of Representatives, National Assembly, Abuja now a member of the Party in Nigeria “All Grassroots Alliance” (A.G.A).

Stating few biography of Honorable Femi Kehinde, he was a counselor under Zero Party in late 90’s (1990), Parliament in the House of Representatives Iwo consistency 1999-2003.  From Hon Femi Kehinde post on his social media account, which relates with the Osun State ongoing election, promising to provide job opportunities to youths, enough bikes (Okada) riding for our graduates and also to change the fortune of people living in Osun State.

Educational background of Hon Barrister Femi Kehinde states he did his primary and secondary in Osun State and tertiary in University Of Ife. In the past few years he visited eighty percent of the Traditional rulers in Osogbo, the capital of Osun State.

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During an interview, Honorable Femi Kehinde made statement which states

“If we don’t adjust our over computability of governance the couch tries will collapse; so I have received the vision to make a correction.”

The vision of Honorable Femi Kehinde is to make corrections to the over comfort ability of governance so couch tries will collapse. Barrister who lost two elections and won 3 elections gets a ticket to “All Grassroots Alliance” (A.G.A) successfully.


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